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Web site announcement£ºWelcome to browse taian heidegger, engineering machinery co., LTD. Web site£¡Company is mainly engaged in forklift truck¡¢Charter¡¢Attachments of ft¡¢Forklift parts¡¢Hydraulic carrier¡¢Loading and unloading car for many years history¡£Currently the leading product1.aa0003.5TSoft bag holder¡¢Side shifter¡¢Bale clamp, etc¡£

Company profile

       Taian heidegger, engineering machinery co., LTD., established in2003Years£¬Is one specialized is engaged in forklift truck sales¡¢The lease¡¢Replacement, etc£¬Attachments of ft and production parts¡¢Forklift parts enterprises¡£It is located in the beautiful of the world natural and cultural heritage-----At the foot of the mount tai¡£

       The company mainly sells brand forklifts£¬Main brands are combined¡¢Hangzhou fork¡¢Hill pushed¡¢Hyster kos¡¢Toyota LiFu¡¢Dalian¡¢Wycombe brands¡£Domestic and foreign brands forklift used car replacement business£¬To undertake various enterprises and social organizations of forklift truck leasing business for a long time£¬Assist enterprises to deal with forklift for annual inspection, etc¡£
       The company produces the forklift has adopted the advanced foreign technology£¬Configuration of the key parts adopt imported parts£¬Quality is equivalent to that of imported fittings¡£Our company produces the forklift parts30A variety of£¬With several famous brand forklift manufacturers formed a stable matching relationship¡£Forklift fittings and parts are available with the domestic brand forklifts as resultant force¡¢Hangzhou fork¡¢LiFu¡¢The coase¡¢Dragon industry such as forklifts¡£

       The company is acted on¡°Sincere service¡¢Rapid response¡¢Meticulous in place¡¢Create a better future¡±The corporate philosophy£¬Wholeheartedly for the customer service£¬Welcome customers to visit£¬Achieve a win-win future together¡£

Company profile

  • Heidegger, engineering machinery share industrial vehicle is introduced

    Heidegger, engineering machinery share industrial vehicle is introduced

    Industrial vehicles means used to handling¡¢The ejector¡¢Traction¡¢Lifting¡¢Stacking or shelved power drive motor vehicles of various kinds of goods¡£Contain forklift:Reach forklift£¬Leg forklift£¬Balance forklift£¬Across the car£¬Side of the fork;Single bucket loader:The tractor£¬Trailer¡¢Chassis, etc¡£Their characteristic is wheeled trackless chassis is equipped with lifting¡¢Conveyor¡¢Traction or bearing device£¬Swimming operations¡£

  • Forklift daily maintenance_Forklift manufacturer£¬Forklift price

    Forklift daily maintenance_Forklift manufacturer£¬Forklift price

    The correct use and maintenance of forklift will extend the service life of forklift£¬Reduce the failure rate£¬Improve the efficient¡£Clean up the forklift daily and put on the skin is clean£» Tank inspection£»Remove the radiator cap¡¢Through the orifice¡£Maintain such as coolant liquid level height£¬To mount the tank cover¡£Such as lower level¡¢Need to supplement water¡£Pay attention to add water£¬Shall not be added the foul water¡£

  • Soft double characteristics is introduced_Taian dege

    Soft double characteristics is introduced_Taian dege

    Soft bag holderBale Clamp/Pulp Bale Clamp£¨Also known as soft double Charter flights Holding the clip Flat car Clamp holding the car Forklift clamp device A paper car Side of the clip Cotton clamp£©¡£Soft double used in handling all kinds of soft package of goods£¬Such as cloth¡¢Waste paper¡¢Cotton¡¢Wool¡¢Hay¡¢Industry broken material soft package items, etc¡£When there is no tray under the condition of efficient economic transportation and stacking of homework¡£

  • The choose and buy of forklift guides_Taian dege of engineering machinery

    The choose and buy of forklift guides_Taian dege of engineering machinery

    Professional manufacturer of forklifts fittings design and production of the condition of different sectors Fittings are designed with security device£¬In exceptional cases£¨Or fork£©The goods is not easy to slide£¬ Such as clip With the holding device ( When carrying the goods£¬Blowout£¬Keep the pressure in the hydraulic system£¬The goods will not slide ) £»With lateral category at the end of the buffer device, etc£¬Reduce the accident rate¡£

  • Forklift work safety requirements_Taian forklift manufacturer

    Forklift work safety requirements_Taian forklift manufacturer

    Goods fork can not have serious deformation£¬Weld sealing off phenomenon¡£Pallet fork surface can not have crack¡¢Seam welding phenomenon¡£Pallet fork root Angle shall not be greater than93¡ã£¬Thickness is not less than the size of the original90%¡£To the left¡¢The height of the right goods fork pointed difference shall not exceed the pallet fork horizontal section length3%¡£Pallet fork positioning should be reliable£¬The bearing surface of the pallet fork hook¡¢Locating surface can not have obvious flaws£¬Fitting clearance of goods fork fork and cargo should not be too big£¬And moving smoothly¡£

  • Taian dege£ºForklift adaptation scope

    Taian dege£ºForklift adaptation scope

    Forklift in enterprise logistics system plays a very important role£¬Is the main force in the material handling equipment¡£Widely used in the station¡¢Port¡¢The airport¡¢The factory¡¢Warehouse and other departments of national economy¡£During the second world war£¬Forklift truck¡£From China20Century50S start making forklift¡£Especially with the rapid development of China's economy¡£

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