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  • Biological engineering,Is20Century70S the rise of a new comprehensive application discipline,90S created based on the theory of biological engineering,The system concept of biological engineering。

  • Pharmaceutical machinery For the reform and opening in China pharmaceutical equipment industry provides unprecedented opportunities for development。

  • Food machinery refers to the food raw materials processed into food(Or semi-finished products)Used in the process of mechanical equipment and devices。Food machinery mainly can be divided into food processing machinery、There are two main types of packaging equipment。

  • Used in the manufacture of machinery and equipment of various kinds of drinks,Generally consists of many mechanical production line processing all kinds of drinks,Water treatment equipment、Bottle machine、The filling machine、Sealing machine、Sterilization equipment, etc。

  • With a certain concentration of alcohol production by microbial fermentation process。Liquor-making raw material and wine containers,Is the two prerequisites for grains。According to archaeological dating back five thousand years of brewing utensils:The legendary yellow emperor period、Age exist liquor-making industry,And origin of wine also before this。

  • The chemical industry is engaged in the development of chemical industry production and the floorboard of the enterprises and units。The chemical industry permeate all aspects,Is the indispensable important component of national economy,Its development is the sustainable development for human economy、Social development has important practical significance。

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Gen China to au(NUOMENG)Brand,With foreign customers recognized brand,Is made、Medicine machine、One of the biological engineering parts manufacturer。 Professional development、Design、Production、SalesASME-BPE,High end fittings、The valve、Aseptic diaphragm valve、Aseptic tank bottom valve、Sterile mixing valve、Aseptic sampling valve and other high-end products,According to customer requirements design and production。

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