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Wenling city to build new one thousand macro assembly line co., LTD is located in mainland China first1Sunshine in the first place--Possessing。Is a set design、Development、The production of various types of automated assembly line equipment,Our factory has many years experience in assembly line production,And reasonable design、The craft is advanced、Reliable performance and stable quality,Favored by the majority of users trust and praise。At the same time actively introducing advanced technology at home and abroad,Constant innovation。Products have been national users are widely used in automobiles、Motorcycle、Home appliance、Electric vehicles、Industrial type of hardware、Electrons、In the field of electrical automation assembly line production equipment,The goods conveying machinery,Assembly line equipment and coating production line equipment and engineering supporting industries。Products involved in instrument industry,Mechanical and electronic industry,Children's chair、Game chair、Buggies、Electric bicycle、Electric scooters and other fitness equipment industry,Lamps and lanterns、The valve、Diesel engine、Home appliance、Electrons、A car、Motorcycle、Instruments and meters、Hardware tools、Toys、Paper making、Arts and crafts、Stationery、Knitted socks and other fields。Build a macro assembly line products mainly:Motor assembly line、Micro-motor production line、Running machine production line、LEDThe production line、Car seat assembly line、Running machine assembly line,The production line、VS1The assembly line、The coating line、Motorcycle assembly line、...

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